Plan your holiday in a few swipes

The ING Banking app becomes an efficient holiday planner!

Top 4 features that will save you time and money. 

Discounts on hotels, holiday homes and car rentals

Already discovered our cashback programme in the ING Banking app (ING+ deals*). The idea is simple:

  • Activate the ING+ deals from hotels, tour operators and other brands you like
  • Book via the link in the app
  • Get cashback on your account the following month. 

Heading outside Europe? Activate the Maestro feature before you leave!

Your ING debit card works automatically throughout geographical Europe, including countries such as Russia and Turkey. Here you will find a list of countries in which you can normally use your ING debit card.

However, if you are travelling outside this area, you must activate the Maestro service before you leave. It’s easy via the app:

  • Go to the Services tab (at the bottom of your home screen)
  • Select “My accounts and cards”
  • Then “Use my debit card outside Europe” and follow the steps.

Want to increase your spending and withdrawal limits? Easy online!

Make the most of your holiday or just be prepared for unforeseen circumstances by requesting an increase in your spending or withdrawal limits. You can modify your debit card limits via the app and have them applied in most cases 15 minutes later.

Faster calls in case you need to speak to our teams

For urgent need, you can call us from your app. That way, you’ll already be pre-identified for our staff, so they can provide the support you need even faster.