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24 September 2018

The e-bike: still not convinced?

Cycling offers many benefits. You avoid traffic jams, expensive parking spaces - all while getting into better shape! Sometimes, however, the inner motivation to cycle can be very hard to find. Does an e-bike offer the solution?

An e-bike saves time

E-bikes are the fastest means of transport for busy routes and urban traffic:

  • With an e-bike, you´re never stuck in traffic jams, and you never have to look for parking spaces.
  • E-bikes easily reach 25 km/h, and a speed pedelec can even attain 45 km/h.


Research (NL) on travel between home and work has shown that 27% of the test persons get to work more quickly by bicycle than by car. During rush hour, this even rises to 90%.

With an e-bike, you can choose how hard you want to pedal

When you ride an electric bicycle, you can choose just how hard you want to pedal. At the highest power level, you will arrive at your destination fresh as a daisy. For a more intensive ride and a bit more movement, you can use the lowest power level, which means you´ll have to pedal hard.

Thanks to this pedalling assistance, longer routes are less tiring with an e-bike and you can keep up the pace even when you´re lugging heavy shopping bags along.

An e-bike encourages healthy physical exercise

Even if it´s only five minutes of cycling to the bakery, a short stretch of slightly-ascending road in the morning can already feel like Mont Ventoux. With an electric bicycle, you´re less likely to opt for the car. Distances appear shorter, and slopes less steep.

As long or challenging routes are less of a deterrent, you´ll take the bicycle more often. This ensures that you get more exercise which is very good for your physical condition. Moreover, it also has a positive impact on your mood!

Did you know that

80% of all trips are less than 20 km? The ideal distance to be covered with your e-bike!

An e-bike is financially interesting

By using your electric bicycle, you avoid a lot of costs, such as taxes and parking tickets. And you can enjoy certain tax benefits. It only takes a simple calculation to conclude that an e-bike is a smart investment.

An e-bike is good for the environment

An electric bicycle generates only 2 percent of the CO2 emissions of a car for the same distance. And the parts of an e-bike are 100% recyclable.

There´s an e-bike to suit everyone

Do you like getting down and dirty in the mud with your mountain bike? Or would you prefer to cruise through the city in style, and do you dream of a smooth-riding carrier bike to transport your children and purchases? You´re sure to find a customised e-bike.

Want to know more?

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Already made up your mind?

Are you already convinced and intend to purchase an e-bike?