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10 April 2017

Paying abroad: what’s best?

Paying for your purchases in cash or by card, paying an urgent bill online, withdrawing cash abroad: be sure to choose your payment methods wisely and according to your destination.

Which means of payment to use?

For small payments or cash withdrawals within geographical Europe, simply use your bank card. When travelling outside Europe, you can request your branch to extend the coverage of your Maestro card before you leave.

For your credit card, you do not have to do anything, it is automatically activated for payments and withdrawals anywhere in the world. Nevertheless, we do not recommend using your credit card for cash withdrawals if you can avoid it as the costs of doing so are higher.

Cash, the comfort solution

You are going in the middle of nowhere? Take cash with you. At ING, you can order your foreign currency banknotes online via our website. Go to our online order form, select the currency and the amount, enter your details and submit your order. You will receive confirmation by e-mail and can collect your order later at your chosen ING branch. Consider asking for small denominations so you do not have to transport large sums of money in your wallet. Then you could split your notes up and put them in different places to keep them safe.

If you cannot avoid changing money when you get there, avoid doing so at airports where the rates are often poor. Do not keep the small change in your pockets when you travel back to Belgium. Often you cannot get change and (sometimes) small notes changed back.

Money transfers from abroad: your accounts on smartphone and tablet

Did you forget to pay your gas bill, do you need to make an urgent transfer or do you need to check your savings account balance? With your smartphone or your tablet, you can manage your accounts and payments just as you would at home. If you prefer to use your computer to do online payments, do not forget your ING Card Reader. Without it you will not be able to access your accounts.