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18 April 2018

Pay with Maestro while abroad

It might be something that's happened to you before while you were abroad: you couldn’t use your bank card in a shop or restaurant, or you couldn’t withdraw money. To avoid this kind of inconvenience in the future check that your next destination is part of the geographical zone covered by Maestro.

Where can I withdraw money and make payments using Maestro?

Maestro can be used throughout Europe. For payments or purchases in Europe and via the internet, Maestro works automatically provided that you are in a country which is part of the geographical zone of Europe. You can make payments In these countries securely and easily. You can always ask at your branch for a temporary activation to use it outside of this area.

Will you be travelling to a country outside Europe?

Check whether the country you are headed for is in the list below. If your destination is not in the list, you will not be able to pay with Maestro.

Do you want to use your card outside of Europe? You have three options:
  • Activate Maestro online in Home'Bank
  • Make an appointment in an ING branch of your choice
  • Call our helpdesk on +32 2 464 60 04
Which countries belong to geographic Europe?
List of countries where Maestro works automatically