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9 July 2018

9 amazing facts about Belgium

Having doubts about emigrating to Belgium? Or still not sure what life will be like living amongst Belgians? Don't worry! There are many things that will make the whole experience more than worth your while! Here are 9 of them to get you started.

1. Belgium is the country of classic cycling races
Belgium Cycling

The incredible atmosphere comes free of charge!

2. Belgians invented the ‘spa’ …
Belgium Spa

Fun and relaxation, a typically Belgian combination!

3. … and they have the largest number of comic strip artists
Belgium Comics

Not just the world-renowned Hergé, Peyo, Franquin and Vandersteen. There are many, many more.

4. Then there’s the plethora of cafés …
Belgium Café

One for every 300 Belgians, to be precise!

5. … and around 800 local beers
Belgium Beers

And Belgians drink about 150 litres of it per person, per year. (On average, that is.) Cheers!

6. Belgians also have the best festivals …
Belgium Festivals

Ever heard, for example, of Tomorrowland (one of the largest dance festivals in the world) or Rock Werchter (voted the best festival in the world many times over).

7. … and started the whole Art Nouveau thing
Belgium Horta

The Victor Horta museum in Brussels is recommended must-see!

8. On top of all that, Belgians are pretty liberal minded …
Belgium Gay rights

Belgium was, for example, the second country in the world to fully support gay marriage. The Belgians even invented the peace sign!

9. ��� and they welcome you with open arms
Belgium Welcome

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Belgium has, after all, the largest number of immigrants per resident: 15% of the total population.

And now?

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