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Want to pack your luggage really efficient? This is how it’s done.

Whether you go on holiday or on your next business trip: packing your luggage is inevitable when traveling. And your suitcase always fills up faster than you’d like. With these tips you’ll be able to pack your luggage as compact as possible, to ensure you have all the items you need with you. Or save some extra space for souvenirs.

1. Collect everything on your bed

Don’t start packing like a lunatic. Spread out everything you’d like to take with you on your bed, before putting all the items in your suitcase. Think of all the various situations such as weather and activities you’d like to do at your holiday destination and choose clothes accordingly. A checklist might come in handy.

2. What do you pack? And what not?

Then, we’re going to start the selection process. One third of the items you’ve laid out, are unnecessary. And when you add everything up, it means a lot of space and weight. With each item, ask yourself the question: do I really need this? Do I really need 5 T-shirts for a short city trip? Do I really need a second jumper on a beach holiday? When you have the tiniest bit of doubt, you don’t need it.

Whilst going through the selection process, don’t think about the worst-case scenarios. Unless you are you hiking in a remote area, there will be enough local stores.

3. Start rolling!

Now that you’ve decided what to bring with you, you can start packing your suitcase. The golden advice is to roll up all your T-shirts, dresses and thinner trousers. You’ll pack less air and you’ll be able to fill up tiny spaces a lot easier. Above all: you’re clothes will remain crease free!

Ensure you utilize all available space in your suitcase. For example, roll up your socks as well and put them in your shoes. Up to 6 socks can fit easily in one pair of shoes!

4. Pack from heavy to light

You are ready to pack your suitcase efficiently. It is best to start with your shoes, and lay them at the sides of your luggage. Remember to put them in a bag or shower cap, so your clothes won’t get dirty.

Next to your shoes, you place your rolled up T-shirts and dresses. Fill up the tiny spaces around your shoes with underwear. Together these form a very solid base for the bulkier clothing items.

Nearly finished! Now it’s time for items such as toiletries, camera and books. Lay them in the middle of your suitcase so they are protected from any shocks.

What about your beautiful shirts?

Well, add them to your luggage on top of everything else to ensure they remain crease free. And to keep that collar extra stiff: put your belt in the neck opening.

5. Finally: to weigh is to know

If you’re flying, it is useful to check if you’re not carrying too much. Place your luggage on the scale. Rearrange items with the luggage of your travel partner if necessary.

We have gathered all the above steps in this video:

Do you manage your holiday budget as efficiently as you pack your luggage?