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Skiing holidays: make sure you are well insured!

A skiing holiday is a time for indulging your love of winter sports and then meeting up with your friends or family in the evening for a good meal. This kind of holiday is not without its risks: a skiing accident can happen quickly, therefore it is essential to protect yourself with the right insurance.

Prepare your trip

Make sure you have the right equipment for the slopes to avoid falling ill or feeling cold all day long. Consider taking skiing goggles or a mask with good UV protection to make sure you will not be dazzled by the sun reflecting off the snow.

Skiing is also a physical sport. Make sure you exercise beforehand to prepare properly. The stronger your body is, the lower the risk of an accident.

At the ski station, follow the advice of the mountain rescue teams. Find out about the weather conditions and the slopes for a good understanding of the area. Keep well hydrated and eat well to have enough energy and stamina. Warm up and stretch before each day's skiing and make sure your equipment is correctly fastened, to prevent injuries.

Properly insured, well protected

Even if you follow all these recommendations, you cannot prepare for everything. Make sure you are properly insured in case any problems arise.

You will probably have your own insurance. However, this will not provide full cover for a skiing holiday. The following extra costs are often not covered, even though they are very common in the case of a skiing accident.

  • Search and rescue costs on the slopes, off-piste and on hiking trails
  • Medical costs are not covered by social security
  • Repatriation costs
  • Costs of skiing packages and unused skiing lessons
  • The cost of any skiing equipment damaged through the accident.

Other types of insurance give you more comprehensive cover.

What insurance should I choose?

Assistance insurance

You can take out travel insurance. But first check it is not already included in your existing cover!

Assistance insurance covers repatriation of an injured person and their family, holiday extension costs, supplementary travel costs in a case of force majeure, compensation for delay, loss or theft of luggage, telephone support before and after departure and even a cash advance for events which are not covered.

If you go on holiday or take city breaks several times a year, it may be a better idea to take out annual travel insurance. This will cost you €48 per year, plus only €18 extra if you want to cover your whole family.

You should also check out the excesses and limits of your cover, as bills can add up quickly, especially if you need assistance in a skiing area or require repatriation. Evacuation from the foot of the slopes to a medical centre costs €150 on average, while evacuation from further away will cost on average between €450 and €750. And prices are even higher for off-piste evacuations. Helicopter evacuations cost an average of €1,500.

Credit card-linked insurance

Trips paid for with Mastercard gold credit cards are covered by insurance. This covers cancellation and travel accident insurance.

  • Cancellation insurance means you can recover the cost of cancelling or interrupting your trip in the event of accident, illness, death or force majeure. The cost of your skiing package, equipment or unused lessons following an accident can also be reimbursed.
  • Travel accident insurance covers you when travelling on public transport, and in the event of accidents resulting in death or permanent disability.


This insurance can also be combined with the assistance insurance referred to above.

Now make the most of it!

Now you are protected against unforeseen events and can enjoy your holidays with peace of mind!

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