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A checklist for a successful holiday

Preparation is the key to success, and that goes for holidays too. For a stress free departure, ING has prepared an exhaustive travel checklist (PDF) of the 1,001 things you need to remember. Download the pdf, print it off and you’re guaranteed to leave with peace of mind!

There’s more to a holiday checklist than you think

A successful holiday is more than just what you pack in your suitcases. It’s a good idea to put your home, and possibly your car, into “holiday mode” too. For example give a spare set of keys to your neighbours and ask them to water your plants, draw the curtains, empty the letter box or feed your pet.

No one wants to think about being broken into while away, but a good tip is to take photos of your valuables and email them to yourself. If the worst happens then at least you have a record of what has been taken when you come home.

Obviously everyone wants to leave on holiday without worrying about anything. So it’s best to insure yourself against the biggest risks. Our checklist if full of helpful advice. For example, make sure you have your green insurance card if you are going on holiday by car. And check that your emergency accident and medical cover is up-to-date.

It goes without saying that you shouldn’t forget your id card or passport (and also your children’s!), driving license and other personal documents. Equally important is adequate means of payment such as your debit and/or credit card so as to avoid finding yourself penniless at your holiday destination. The ING holiday checklist (PDF) covers all the documents you need when you are travelling.

You probably don’t think about it when you leave, but you may become ill when you’re on holiday. A basic first aid kit is a must for your suitcase, as are toiletries and/or childcare products. These are all things that you want to avoid having to buy as soon as your arrive at your destination.

And last but not least, if you’re going abroad, don’t forget to bring adapters so that you can use your smartphone, camera and laptop without problem. Your plugs from home often do not fit in foreign sockets. It’s all in the ING holiday checklist (PDF)!

A travel checklist for everyone

Whether you are setting off alone, with your partner, with friends or with children, download our fully comprehensive travel checklist here (PDF).

Still no travel insurance?

Find out about our travel insurance and calculate your premium online. In just a few minutes, you can take out a policy online and you are insured immediately. Travel with peace of mind!