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7 useful tips to make your holiday even more enjoyable

It’s finally here: you are ready to go on your long expected and well-earned holiday. Whether you’re going to the beach, make a city trip or have something a bit more adventurous planned: you’d like to enjoy from it all without too much stress.

That’s why we’re listing 7 super useful tips to make your holiday super relax.

1. Scan and e-mail your personal documents in advance

scanning documents(c) FAIL Blog

And upload them to the iCloud or e-mail them to yourself. That way you can always get to your documents via your laptop, tablet of smartphone. This is especially useful when your ID, driver’s license, visa, plane ticket or credit card has been stolen. Or when you lose them by accident, of course.

2. Less turbulence? Reserve a seat near the window

turbulence(c) Comedy Central

A seat near de wings should also help you feel the turbulence a lot less. Above all, this is the strongest part of the plane. You never know.

3. Traveling outside Europe? Activate your debit card for your holiday destination

The Maestro on your debit card only works within the geographical European zone, Russia and Turkey included. Are you traveling outside this geographical zone, for example towards the United States of America or the Dominican Republic? You’ll then have to activate your debit card for your travel destination in advance. You can do it easily via the Banking app (or via Home'Bank if you prefer).

4. Keep an eye on your spending whilst on holiday

This is to avoid spending your entire travel budget halfway through your trip. And avoid coming home to an unexpected sky-high credit card bill. Checking your balance and arranging a lot of bank affairs can easily be done via your smartphone whilst on holiday, with our ING Banking mobile app. Even from your beach chair or taxi.

5. Use a glass as loudspeaker for your phone

smartphone music(c) The Kim Komando Show

Put your phone in an empty glass for more bass sound and volume. Perfect for when you forgot to pack those portable speakers of when you have too little space to pack them!

6. Remember your parking spot easily, with Google Maps pin.

google maps pin (c) Jeff Westerskov

Open the app and select your location. Super simple and useful to find your bolide in an unfamiliar city after a day out.

7. Discover local gems for lunch or dinner, via FourSquare or Yelp

restaurants(c) Warner Bros. Pictures

Let’s face it: touristy restaurants aren’t always the coziest. And don’t always guarantee good food. That’s why it is best if you try restaurants that are primarily love by the locals. The smartphone apps FourSquare and Yelp are your partners in crime for this. Above all, you can easily find the passwords for the WiFi networks, via the comments section.

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