10 March 2019

Additional costs during and after the purchase of your home

What costs are added to the purchase price of your home or plot of land?

At the time of your purchase

When drawing up a budget for your real estate project, there are a whole set of costs you should take into account which are in the majority of cases added to the purchase price of your home or plot of land. Do not forget to include these in your budget calculation!

Good to know:

Stamp duty is a tax which must be paid by anyone buying a property in Belgium. The amount varies depending on the region in which the property is situated.

When you buy a modest home, in some circumstances you can benefit from a reduction on the stamp duty payable.

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After your purchase

In your monthly budget, it is a good idea to include a range of fixed and recurrent costs linked to your purchase. In addition to maintenance of the property (renovation work, redecoration, energy consumption, etc.), you will most likely have other costs