Home insurance, what does it cover?

Did you buy a property or are renting one? Then it is crucial to take out home insurance to ensure that you are well protected from accidents. But what does home insurance actually cover?

Basic home insurance cover

Thanks to this insurance you are covered for damage caused by fire, smoke, lightning, explosions, storms and natural disasters.

In addition, you are also insured for certain additional costs that do not directly relate to the damage itself, but do result from it. Such as rescue costs and costs to prevent potential or worse damage.

An example: Suppose there was a severe fire in your home and the fire department declares your house uninhabitable. Thanks to your home insurance, you can go to a replacement home free of charge. What's more, preventing the risk of your house collapsing is also covered.

With ING Home Insurance you are extra insured!

Is your child going to live in digs? In that case, any damage to his or her student digs will also be insured under your existing home insurance if you have taken out the building (owner) or tenant liability (tenant). That is already one less worry!

The same applies to temporarily rented stays, party rooms and/or party tents. So have you booked a holiday home in Provence or are organising a Holy Communion or Spring Ceremony in a rented location? Your liability as the tenant of these temporary sites is covered in the home insurance if you have taken out the building (owner) or tenant liability (tenant).

Optional cover

You can also extend this insurance with optional cover. With home insurance, the contents of your house are not insured as standard. Therefore consider extending the insurance with additional house contents cover.

You can also choose to add the theft option to your home insurance. This means you are protected from theft, (attempted) burglary and vandalism.

Or have you just invested in a brand-new garden with various equipment and furniture (such as barbecue, lounge set, pond,..)? Then you can choose to include your garden in your home insurance as well.

The Legal Assistance option is also a useful guarantee. Suppose you are in discussions with your neighbour about damage they have caused to your property. In that case, this cover provides legal aid for, for example, legal assistance from a lawyer.

Finally, it is advisable to take out the family insurance guarantee with your home insurance. This guarantee covers your liability, and that of the resident family members, for damage you cause to a counterparty. For example, your son or daughter accidentally breaks the window of a neighbour with a football. Or your pet has bitten a hole in the new inflatable pool of friends.

Important tip:

Compare the price and content of insurance contracts before taking out home insurance. Take a look at the service you receive.

Tailor-made home insurance

It is important to look at your personal situation first and to determine your needs. This way, you can take out a home insurance policy that suits you best. Depending on the formula you choose, the scope of the cover, the compensation ceilings and the exemptions will be that little more or less important. So always read the general terms and conditions before taking out an insurance policy.

Whether you buy or rent a property

It is best to take out home insurance. Discover ING's home insurance policies