4 June 2018

Finalise your home loan in 5 easy steps

Have you found the home of your dreams or the place to build it? Have you assessed all your finance options? Have you looked into the various loan offers? Let us help you get your project off the ground in 5 steps.

  • Start

  • Present your project to us

    Present your project at any ING branch. We will give you a personalised offer. Compare different offers and find the one best suited to you.

    In order to prepare for your meeting at the branch, remember to bring all relevant documents (PDF) with you as well as some photographs of the property. Your contact person will recommend the best solutions for financing and insuring your property, depending on your specific situation.

  • You have decided to place your trust in ING!

    Have you agreed a price with the seller? Has the provisional sales agreement (FR) been signed? Are you happy with your home loan offer?

    You can now submit your loan application. You have 4 weeks in which to do so. Your bank will also ask you to provide certain guarantees.

    After assessing and approving your application, you will receive an official offer along with a repayment plan and a draft contract. You have 1 month in which to sign this offer.

  • Max. 1 month

  • Contact your notary

    To finalise your home loan, in most cases you will have to sign a notarised deed or contract with a notary. ING will send your notary all the information he/she needs to draw up the contract.

    As stipulated in the loan offer, you have up to 3 months in which to sign the contract. The notary will send ING the exact date for signing the contract after confirming an available time with you. Remember that there are costs associated with a mortgage deed or contract.

  • Max. 3 months

  • The contract has been signed. Now, where is the money?

    Depending on whether you have decided to buy or build (or renovate) your property, you may not need to draw on the entire loan amount at once. You will either receive all of the capital at once after the deeds are signed, or you will receive it in instalments. Find out more about when the bank will make your funds available to you.

  • You are now a home owner! Congratulations !

    The big day has finally arrived and you are the proud new owner of your property or you will finally be able to launch your project. Before moving house or starting works, think about getting adequate protection for your home and family.

What next?

ING is here for you throughout the term of your loan. You can count on us for information about interest rates, making adjustments to your loan due to changes to your civil status, etc. In all these – and many other – situations, you can always count on support and advice from your ING contact.

You don’t have time to go into a branch? Do you want to send an invoice, ask for a certificate or modify the details of your contract? With ING you can manage your home loan online! Need a bit more explanation? Watch this video.

You now know enough about loans! What next?

Do you need help or advice to get your project off the ground? Don’t hesitate to contact one of our experts!

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