31 March 2016

Moving house

Direct and indirect costs of moving house, administrative procedures, etc.: a quick overview of the steps to complete before you can start enjoying your new home and getting to know your new neighbours.

Who to contact?
The local council

Make an appointment with the Population department in order to change your official address and your identity card. In some towns, you can register online. A police officer will visit in order to check that you live at the address you have stated.

The bank
  • Make arrangements for your rental deposit if you are renting.
  • Update your data after registering with your new town.
  • Check your insurance policies and make sure you are properly covered.
  • Have your income paid into your main account and set up the necessary standing orders and/or direct debits (gas, electricity, telecommunications, etc.).
  • Did you know that you can view and download your bank statements online? It is better for the environment and it will be one less postal item to have forwarded.
Update my contact details

Recently received a new electronic identity card? Changed address? Want to complete your personal details for your own accounts or accounts for which you have a mandate?

There is no need to come to the branch to submit or update your details. You can do it all online on Home’Bank, in the ING Smart Banking app (menu on the left) or with your electronic identity card reader.

The post office

Ask to have your mail automatically redirected (FR) to your new address to make sure that you receive all your mail and all your bills in the weeks following your change of address.

Gas, water, electricity and telecoms suppliers

If you are keeping the same suppliers, fill in the transfer form with the previous occupier to avoid the additional costs of closing and reopening accounts.

Also think about contacting your telecommunications supplier in good time so that you are not left without telephone, internet or television.


Advise your employer of your change of address. This is important for correspondence but also for calculation of any commuting allowances. Consider taking days off to help you to prepare for your move.

Neem eventueel een paar dagen vakantie voor en/of na uw vakantie zodat uw verhuizing zo vlot mogelijk verloopt.

But also…

We cannot give you a complete list, but do not forget to notify everybody of your change of address: your friends, your family, your mutual health insurance company, but also any newspapers you subscribe to, your children's sport clubs, etc.

How much does it cost to move house?

Of course, it is difficult to summarize all the costs involved in moving house as this depends on different factors. You will have direct costs such as hiring a removal van or hoist. Perhaps you will also need a specialist removal company?

But moving house also involves indirect costs which are less obvious:

  • Notice penalty for terminating your current rental agreement
  • One-off cost of temporarily forwarding mail
  • Possible change in commuting costs
  • Higher insurance premiums
  • Furniture and so on…