22 May 2018

The big day has arrived. You’re moving house!

All the paperwork is done and you have the keys to your new home. It is time to move in!

Is everything ready?

The secret to ensuring your removal goes smoothly is proper organisation. Packing your belongings in good time is essential. It allows you to sort through them and throw away what you no longer need. If you do not want to throw away your unwanted items, you can give them away or sell them on second-hand sites or at a flea market.

A few tips:
  • Make sure everything is packed so you only have the basic necessities to do on the day of moving.
  • Note the content of the boxes on the top and side. This allows you to see what is in them even if they are stacked.
  • Also specify where the movers should put the boxes in the new house.
  • Disassemble furniture if necessary. You can number the components and take photos so it is easier to assemble them again.
  • Put post-its on the walls in your new home so that the furniture is brought to the right place. This way the movers know what they should put where.
  • Pack important documents and valuables in separate boxes which you remove first or last.

You can, of course, also engage the services of professional movers. Ask for price quotes from several removal companies a few months in advance. That way you can choose when to move and with which removal company.

Forgotten anything?

Go through your old house thoroughly to make sure you have not forgotten anything. Note the meter readings for water, electricity and gas and have the meters sealed if necessary. If the new owner or tenant has chosen the same supplier you can fill in a transfer form together. This way you avoid additional costs for sealing and reopening the meters.

Have you thought about home insurance? Or what to do in case of burglary, fire, storm damage, etc.? Maybe you already took care of this when taking out the loan, to benefit from a favourable rate. If not, it is a good idea to take out adequate insurance so you are properly protected in case anything happens.

If you live in Flanders or Wallonia, you may qualify for the free income protection insurance. This insurance offers an additional safety net in certain circumstances if you suddenly lose your income.

Not forgotten anyone?

Family and friends may know that you have moved. However, there are a number of organisations and agencies you should also notify about your move. Do you bank with ING? Visit your branch with your new identity card to pass on your change of address.

Your removal and your insurance have been taken care of. Anything else?

We wish you all the best in your new home! You can of course always contact ING with any questions about your loan, but also all your other banking matters: accounts for the kids, insurance policies, pension savings, etc. Interested? Just call into one of our branches.

Just call into one of our branches