Checklist when moving

Your dream home: check. All the official paperwork: check. Keys: check! Now the real work starts: moving house.

A smooth house move relies on good organisation. Obviously, it’s essential that you start packing well ahead of time. That will give you the opportunity to sort out your stuff, and throw out anything you no longer use. Anything you don’t want to throw out can be given away or sold on second-hand sites and at car boot sales. A few tips:

  • Make sure that everything is packed so that on the day of the move you are left with only the absolute essentials.
  • Write the contents of the box on the top and side of each one. That way, you will be able to read what’s in them when they are stacked up.
  • Dismantle any furniture if needs be. If applicable, number the parts and take photos so that you can reassemble everything easily.
  • Make a note of the meter readings for water, electricity and/or gas and stop the meters if necessary. If the new tenant or owner is with the same supplier, you can fill in a transfer form together. That way, you will avoid extra charges for stopping and restarting the meters.

You can, of course, always call on professionals for help. A few months before the move, ask several removal firms for quotes. That way, you get to choose when you move and which firm to use.

Moving day
  • Clean your new home thoroughly before you start unpacking.
  • Pack important paperwork and valuables in separate boxes, and move these first or last.
  • Give your removal men clear instructions about where they can put the boxes in your new home.
  • So that all the items of furniture can be put in place quickly, it’s an idea to stick Post-it Notes to the walls of your new home. That way, your removal men will know immediately what they can put where.
  • Remember to notify the registration department of your new municipality of your new address within eight days.
  • As an ING customer, you can easily change your address yourself, in the Profile settings of your ING Banking app (profile icon at the top right of your screen > Settings > Personal Details) or in Home’Bank (profile icon at the top right of your screen > Profile), via itsme® or manually.
  • Taking advantage of the bpost house move service will ensure there are no problems with postal delivery. Once you have signed up, your post will be automatically redirected to your new address for at least three months.
  • Let your friends and family know you have moved. You could host a house-warming or a welcome 

Stay insured

Have you remembered your home insurance for tenants or owners? With the ING Home Insurance for tenants or ING Home Insurance for owners you can choose tailored protection and you are covered for any damage (fire, flood, etc.) to your home while you are living there. The insurance also covers damage to your belongings. Your furniture, personal belongings and clothes are included in the cover.

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