Smoke detectors are now mandatory.

The installation of smoke detectors has been mandatory for new-build homes, rental homes and home renovations since 2013. As of 01/01/2020, this is also mandatory for all Flemish homes. We would like to draw your attention to the following points.

Why must I install a smoke detector in my home?

When fire breaks out, many of us are most likely to underestimate the effects of the smoke. Smoke spreads through buildings with dizzying speed and can cause suffocation. This can lead to very dangerous situations, especially when sleeping. A smoke detector can help prevent serious bodily injury.

How many smoke detectors should I install?

You are legally required to install at least one smoke detector on each floor of your home.

Where should I install my smoke detectors?

Smoke detectors are best placed up against the ceiling. Furthermore, you should take into account the locations of any bedrooms. We recommend placing a smoke detector in the hallway, in front of your bedroom door(s). It is better not to place a smoke detector in the bathroom or kitchen (near the hob or cooker hood), as this may generate more frequent "false" alarms.

To a smoke detector, smoke is smoke, whether this is due to fire, boiling water or cigarette smoke.

Other good places to mount a smoke detector:

  • The room containing your clothes dryer (the combined heat and lint can cause a fire)
  • Above where you charge your phone (overheating)

What aspects should I consider when purchasing a smoke detector?

Invest in a quality smoke detector. When purchasing a smoke detector, be sure to pay attention to the following items:

  • The smoke detector has a fixed battery that will last 10 years
  • CE label (NBN EN 14604 standard)
  • The smoke detector features a test button
  • Keep smoke detectors free of dust and replace them every 10 years