Are there tax advantages associated with my mortgage loan?

Are you thinking about buying or building a property? In Belgium, your mortgage loan gives you the right to tax relief under certain conditions. ING gives you a quick estimation of how much this tax relief may be*

Important information before you begin:
  • Answer each question based on your own individual situation. This is important because it is an individual tax advantage: if you take on a mortgage loan together with other people, the tax advantage may be different for each person.
  • Do you already have a mortgage loan with the right to tax relief and do you want to refinanceor have you already refinanced this loan? Then your refinanced loan will retain the same fiscal advantage that applied to your original loan**.

Will the loan be used to acquire or retain your own home?

A property is considered your own home if you are the complete owner, usufructuary, leaseholder or proprietor of that property and you reside there yourself.