22 May 2018

What if we separate before we repay the loan?

You bought a property together, but have decided to go your separate ways? Wondering what will happen next?

There are several possibilities.
1. One of you keeps the property

The person who keeps the property buys his or her ex-partner out and takes over the existing home loan. The bank will check whether the person has sufficient financial means to repay the loan by themselves.

2. You sell the property

It may be the case that neither of you can or want to keep the property. If you sell the property, you will have to repay the outstanding balance of your mortgage in full. The bank will charge a reinvestment fee in this case.

3. You remain joint owners of the property

Even if you separate, you can still decide to remain joint owners of the property and continue to repay the home loan together.

Whatever option you choose, ask your notary for advice. Then get in touch with your ING contact person for a tailored solution.