Manage my loan online

Want to upload an invoice, request a tax certificate or modify a contract? At ING, it’s easy to do it all online!

Different services available

Do you want to release some funds to carry out works, or do you need a tax certificate but don’t have time to come into a branch ? At ING you can easily manage your home loan online. Is something not clear? Watch the video that explains how you manage your home loan in Home'Bank.

Manage your mortgage quickly and easily with Home'Bank
Request the release of funds

Use Home'Bank to import a copy of your bills and/or supporting documents. After approval, ING will deposit the amount into your account. First, check the criteria that your bills must satisfy and which file types can be imported.

If you are unable to use HomeBank services, you may send your supporting documents by post along with your completed application form.
The three day processing period begins on the date of receipt of the documents.

Request a document or tax certificate

Download your tax certificate for this year or last year. Simply select the documents you need from your list of tax certificates.

Request a free copy of the amortisation table, offer letter or basic tax certificate for your home loan via Home'Bank.

If you apply for subsidies or Loss of Income insurance, your bank must complete certain documents. This is done quickly at ING. Use Home'Bank to import the document. We will complete it and send it back to you. You decide how: by e-mail or by post.

In Home'Bank, you can request a signed certificate that officially proves:

  • that you are not behind on payments
  • that you regularly repay your home loan
  • that you have an ING loan
  • the loan amount you still have to repay
  • the current account associated with your loan.

You pay a fixed amount per request.

Change your contract details

Change the account onto which borrowed funds are deposited and from which repayments are debited via Home'Bank. At the same time, indicate whether you also want to use the new account for your insurance policies.

Do you want to change something about your loan, such as

  • request optional redemption
  • change a guarantee
  • add or remove a borrower.

Or, do you have a question about the interest rate of your home loan?

Then make an appointment at your ING branch. Our staff will clearly explain what you can change and what costs are involved, if any.

3 easy steps
to benefit from these services

  1. Log in to Home'Bank totally secure and free

  2. Click on “Lending" … it’s that easy

  3. Then on “Actions" it’s fast and convenient!