And you, where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Just 14% of Belgians are not worried about money matters. How can you ensure that your accounts stay healthy?

Your ‘old age’ is further and further away

We don’t think about it every day, but we are increasingly living longer. Those who had their 65th birthday in 1991 in Belgium had an average life expectancy of a further 16.2 years. Are you celebrating your 65th birthday this year? Then you have a life expectancy of a further 19.3 years (source: Statbel). That is another reason why the average investment horizon might stretch further into the future than it once did. Activating your money and investing for at least three to five years might be the right option for enjoying financial security in the future - if it suits your investment profile. 

How much money do you need?

The average pensioner spends about 1,700 euros per month. That amount includes all expenses on goods and services.

You don’t want to have to watch every eurocent once you have taken retirement. That’s not why you worked your whole life. You have plans and dreams that you want to realise. However you want to shape your future: it is always a sound idea to have a financial plan for reaching your goals.

An adviser at ING can help point out all the options: from investments that can provide an extra, regular income to inheritance planning guidance.

Ensuring a comfortable retirement, helping your children get started in life. Or making your wildest dream come true, like buying a boat or a second home in a sunny location. There are plenty of reasons to invest.

How much does the average Belgian spend during retirement?

  • 65 to 74 years: 20,029 euros, or 1,669 euros per month
  • from 75 years: 20,444 euros, or 1,704 euros per month

Whatever your dreams and goals are, you have a clear understanding that investing for at least three to five years yields a better return than savings do. Because near-zero interest rates on savings accounts have been the norm for years. Today, there are few other alternatives for putting your money to work for you than investing, in a diversified way and in line with calculated risks. That will probably be the case in the near future as well, as a rise in interest rates could still be years off. You will need to find returns elsewhere in the coming years if you don’t want to lose purchasing power.

Among Belgians who have not already retired, 46% believe that they won’t be able to maintain the standard of living that they had when they were working. [1]

This is the time to invest in your future