5 October 2018

How much pension will you have?

The exact amount of your pension depends on many factors: length and details of your career, levels of salary, whether you have a personal pension savings plan, etc. But note that according to the OECD, the statutory pension for Belgian workers is 63.7% of final net salary on average. And that, on average, the pension of a salaried Belgian employee is about 1,100 euros (gross) per month compared to 900 euros for a self-employed worker.

What will my needs be?

First of all, it is essential to estimate your future financial needs, which you can do using our simulator. Once you have identified these needs, you can check whether your statutory pension will be sufficient to meet them. If necessary, you can then consider an additional arrangement, such as pension savings insurance.

Do you think that your statutory pension will not be enough?

Fortunately, there are various ways in which you can top it up:

  • Supplementary or extra-legal pensions which employers may grant or to which the self-employed can subscribe.
  • The individual pension savings plan, which allows you to build up a capital sum for your retirement while benefiting from significant tax advantages.
  • Individual savings plan without tax incentives.
And now?

How much do you know about your pension?

Discover our

Our advisers are of course available to help you estimate your real needs and to consider the best way to meet them.