Taking a break: money is not everything

Feel like taking some time out before you enter the world of work, or even during your career? Why not focus on helping others for a while? The law allows you to devote time or money to those who need it while still protecting your own interests.

Volunteering can broaden your horizons

In addition to your job, or while you are looking for one, why not dedicate some of your time to a good cause? This kind of experience is personally rewarding and will look good on your CV. And there is almost no limit to what you can do: coaching youngsters from disadvantaged backgrounds, teaching IT to elderly, working in an animal rescue centre, entertaining children in a hospital, reading to sight-impaired people... where would you best fit in?

Am I covered if I do voluntary work?

All organisations employing volunteers are required by law to take out an insurance policy to cover their volunteers in case of accidents. Make sure that your organisation is insured.

Donating money: a good deal for a good deed

If you cannot give your time to a good cause, you can donate some of the money that you have started to earn. You will be doing a good deed and your donations to certain organisations will be tax-deductible (from 40 euros per year). There is certainly no shortage of deserving charities and interesting projects, both on the other side of the world and on your doorstep.

Why not take a sabbatical?

Have you been working for a few years already? Feel like taking a break? Whether you want to take stock of where you are, travel abroad or volunteer, you can.

This kind of break is known as a “time credit” in the private sector and a “career break” in the public sector. You can receive benefits (FR) for this time off (paid by ONEM, the National Employment Office, in certain cases). In addition, some of these periods are taken into account when your retirement pension is calculated. You can therefore make the most of the present without sacrificing your future!