14 June 2016

7 tips to optimise your LinkedIn profile

You have just graduated and are you looking for your first job? Now is the time to perfect your LinkedIn profile. Here are 7 tips to help you.

1. A professional profile photo

Start by finding a professional photo. Avoid posting the same photos on LinkedIn as on Facebook or Instagram. Do not use too “severe” photos. But beware, holiday or festival photos are out of place on LinkedIn. A good idea: ask somebody to take a few pictures of you. Dress soberly, with clothes which match your personality, look relaxed, use a neutral background and remember to smile. Once you have chosen your photo, add it to your Profile via Edit profile > Change your photo.

2. A unique title

Your title or job description is just as important as your photo. Consequently it must be clear but also catchy. Avoid buzzwords such as “creative” or hackneyed terms such as "looking for a new challenge”. State the job you are looking for, where you want to work, as well as your availability. Example: John Brown, enterprising & creative # looking for a job as junior marketeer # immediately available full time # Brussels region.

3. A dynamic CV

Young graduates do not have much professional experience when they are starting out. Nevertheless try to fill out your LinkedIn profile with useful content. Via Profile > Edit profile, you can add various sections to your account. Make sure to indicate your language skills, degrees, test results, voluntary and youth work. You can also add a link to your dissertation or thesis. Student jobs and placements also have a place on your profile. In other words: try to sell yourself. Express yourself in the first person (“I”), explain why you are an added value for the company and indicate your fields of expertise. To obtain a high score in search results, use appropriate key words. Is your name complicated? Spell it differently in your CV, in that way you can be found more easily.

4. Contact info

To enable potential recruiters to identify you easily and either call or e-mail you, make sure you indicate your contact details! You can add your details easily via Profile > Edit profile > Contact info. There is even a space on the platform to add your Twitter account or website.

5. Personalise your URL

Once your LinkedIn profile has been updated, you can distribute it in various ways. By default your profile is allocated a URL consisting of an illegible combination of letters and digits. This combination is easy to change. Click on “Profile” then “Edit profile”. Next click on “Edit” next to your profile URL, below your profile photo. In the section "The URL of your public profile", you can customise your URL in line with "". End by clicking on “Save”.

6. Profile badge

Do you have your own website or a personal blog? Include it in your profile badge? It is a nice button which refers to your LinkedIn profile. Go to Profile > Edit profile. Click on the small wheel next to your own URL and then click on “Create a public profile badge” in the bottom right margin. Copy the code and choose one of the badges offered. Adjust the format if you want. Copy the code and then paste it on your blog or website.

7. Expand your network

Just like Facebook and Twitter you can use LinkedIn to send messages and share videos. Do this as much as possible, with content related to your future dream job.

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