Decease: what happens in practice at ING?

Upon being informed of the death, we will stay by your side to help and support you in the procedures to go through. Our colleagues will help you with the formalities and will respond to all your questions with professionalism.

The hold on funds and the bank's obligations

Upon being informed that someone has passed away, ING is legally bound to put a hold on the assets and/or safe deposit boxes of the deceased, and possibly his or her spouse, if holder(s) or co-holder(s). This applies regardless of the marital status of the spouses. This measure is intended to protect the interests of all heirs.

ING will release the funds upon receipt of all necessary documents, by means of the joint instructions of all heirs to the inheritance.

Solutions adapted to your needs during this time

As the financial assets are unavailable, our advisers will suggest solutions adapted to your needs in order to avoid the accounts being totally blocked.

If you are the spouse or were legally cohabiting with the deceased, you can request an advance on the inheritance in order to deal with the more common expenses (for example: food shopping).

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