Managing your budget

Banking applications: 5 things to know

Our everyday lives are becoming increasingly digital and the same is true of our finances. Managing your finances via smartphone can be very convenient.

Thanks to banking applications, you can, for example, keep an eye on your accounts everywhere and at all times or even make a transfer in just a few clicks, all in complete safety. In short, there are many good reasons to switch to mobile banking. Tempted, but still have some questions?

1. How can these apps improve my day-to-day life?

Banking apps don’t just let you view your account at any time. With the ING Smart Banking app, you can also carry out other operations, such as:


  • managing your personal and professional bank accounts
  • making payments wherever and whenever you want
  • paying back your friends and family instantly
  • checking your past and future transactions at a glance and thus better manage your budget
  • checking your balance before making a purchase
  • managing your savings and investments
  • activating maestro abroad
  • changing the limits on your debit card
  • updating your data
  • making an appointment with your banker
  • viewing and paying your bills in a few clicks
  • as a professional client, receive payments easily, even when you are on the go


Apps give you more regular contact with your bank so that you can manage and control your finances better.

What if I prefer human contact?

Banking apps enable remote management of your day-to-day transactions easily, quickly and safely. For all of life’s major milestones, your banker is still available to help you. Make an appointment with a branch whenever you want.

2. Are they really secure?

After downloading and installing the ING Banking app, you will need to create a unique profile with security rules similar to your online bank (i.e. via your computer). You will need to choose a secret code that you will have to enter each time to identify yourself and confirm your transactions. Some smartphones even allow you to identify yourself using your fingerprint, as well as with a secret code.

Mobile banking application technologies also typically incorporate advanced data encryption security features.


Always follow your bank’s advice against online fraud, to surf safely on public WiFi networks.

3. What if my smartphone is stolen or lost?

Delete your profile immediately! At ING, this is easy to do via Home’Bank and/or Business’Bank, by calling us or popping into one of our branches. Your accounts will no longer be accessible from your smartphone. You can create a new profile at any time on a new device or on the old one, if you find it.

4. Is it really that simple?

Contrary to popular belief, the use of banking apps is often much easier than performing transactions on an ATM. The apps are also very intuitive: you are guided step by step to help you make the most of the features. If you already do your banking online via your computer, the mobile app will be a piece of cake!

Being able to access your accounts anytime, anywhere saves time and makes life much easier!

5. How do I access these applications?

All you need to access banking applications is a smartphone and an Internet connection, whatever operating system you have. You can download them from Google Play for the Android system and from the App Store for the iOS system.

Obviously you need an Internet connection to use your app. But this doesn’t mean that you have to use your operator's mobile data. The secure WiFi network in your home or workplace will do the trick. No need to go looking for your card reader or turn on your computer, all your bank details are at your fingertips! And you can manage your accounts wherever and whenever you want.

Want to get started?

With the ING Banking App, you spend more time doing what really matters.