Managing your budget

Leaving soon? What is your budget?

You love travelling! But maybe your bank account is not as keen. However, there are many ways to go on holiday even on a tight budget. Accommodation, tickets or meals: there are so many factors you can control to keep costs low, and to really take advantage of your trip. Follow the guide!

A well-tailored budget

The most important thing is to sort out your accounts properly before leaving. And to streamline your expenditure as you would the contents of your luggage. Tickets, housing, daily life – by preparing everything in advance, you could get so many great opportunities or deals.

An app to make the most of your holidays!

The ING smart Banking app can also be useful on holiday. You can check your balance whenever your want, transfer money from one account to another to cover unexpected expenses, pay bills on time etc.

Take advantage of the experience of people who have been there and done it before

In order to discover the best deals of a city or a country, the best thing to do is to listen to people who have visited it or moved there. Expat organisations, forums, blogs – benefit from the experience and advice of your predecessors.

Reach your destination without spending too much

Have you chosen your destination? Now you just need to work out how to get there.

  • By car, the car pooling is an economical option.
  • You need to take the bus, the train or the plane? Take advantage of discounts for young people, low-cost offers and early and last-minute bookings.

Follow traveller newsletters, ticket auctions and use price comparison and trading sites. You do not always have to pay the full price.

Accommodation: what would suit your budget?

When you are abroad, accommodation is key. Campsites, youth hostels, houses to rent, flat exchanges, B&Bs – with a little preparation and imagination you can find reasonably priced accommodation. Have you heard of couchsurfing and its millions of followers across 230 countries? It is practical when you are looking for a sofa to crash on just for a night or two!

Make savings so you can go further

Young people who travel spend on average 817 euros per year. A long-term stay abroad (Erasmus, worldwide trip, etc.) costs 948 euros per month. Do your plans outgrown your budget? With automatic savings, you could build up a nest to make you dream travel come true.

Now go ahead and enjoy yourself!