Managing your budget

13 December 2017

9 easy tips for saving money every month

Have you ever struggled to make your salary last until the end of the month? If it’s any consolation, you’re not alone. That is why we searched for – and found – a series of incredibly simple money-saving tips, to help you keep costs down. You will have a few cents left over, without it being painful. Ideal if you want to put some money aside as well, or maybe treat yourself to something nice.

1. Check all the offers online

These days, it is extremely easy to check where you can get hold of your favourite products at the cheapest price. An app that we definitely recommend for this is MyShopi. At any time, the app will show you the most recent brochure from virtually every well-known retail chain. What’s more, you can score unique extra discounts.

In addition, one-day promotions have soared over the past few years. You can find incredible bargains from providers like Groupon, iBood and 1dayfly. A top tip for these is the Dagpromo site, which collects all these offers, so that you can pick out your favourites with ultimate ease.

2. Get creative with leftovers

If you have some home-baked bread that is a few days old, you could treat your family to French toast. Mmmm! Leftovers from your evening meal are often ideal for lunch at work the following day, while vegetables are also perfect over the next few days in a winter stew, or to make soup.

What about other leftovers, like spaghetti sauce? Simply freeze it for later. Empty ice-cream tubs are a great alternative to expensive Tupperware boxes.

3. Borrow stuff from others

Unexpected expenses can put a big dent in your monthly budget. But do you really need everything you bring home? Some things only get used less than once a month. These days, you can simply borrow those things online from people in your local area.

One top site is Peerby. Download the app to immediately find things like a drill, hedge cutter or tent.

4. Swap clothes with friends

Everyone has a few bad buys in their wardrobe. It might be a pair of skinny jeans or a shirt that no longer fits. It would be a shame to leave them to get eaten by moths, wouldn’t it? So why not organise a clothes swap evening with your besties? It’s a great way of ending up with some new items of clothing, without having to spend a thing.

There are also organisations like Swishing, which organise all kinds of events, where you can swap clothes. It’s certainly worth checking out.

5. Sell stuff online

Come on, admit it: you have loads of books and DVDs in your cupboards that you are never going to read or watch again. Not to mention last year’s Christmas present from Uncle Frank, which you haven’t done a thing with. Dust off this stuff, sell it on the internet and earn some extra cash!

6. Go to the market occasionally, instead of the supermarket

The market is a weekly date where you can get some great deals. It is the place to go to buy fruit and vegetables a lot more cheaply. Added to which, they are always fresh and taste much better than pre-cut vegetables from the supermarket.

7. Keep a few chickens in your garden

Fresh eggs daily from your own chickens: who wouldn’t want that? They are cheaper than supermarket eggs, plus you know that the chickens in question are not suffering in tiny cages.

What’s more, you can feed your chickens with kitchen scraps. A double win, because those scraps won’t end up in general waste.

8. Install a smart thermostat

Do you already have a programmable thermostat? If so, fantastic. But nowadays there is an even better option: a so-called smart thermostat. You can operate it remotely using your smartphone, for example if you are going to be home later than expected. In addition, these devices are self-learning, meaning that eventually you hardly need to check them.

Thanks to the smart thermostat you will save on your heating costs every month.

9. Keep track of your spending

The ING Smart Banking app is the perfect way to control all your spending throughout the month. Install the app on your smartphone and check it wherever and whenever you want. Very handy!