Managing your capital

What makes a good financial advisor?

Monitoring your assets from end to end? Staying informed about the markets? Assessing new tax regulation impacts? Not everyone is keen or has the time to do it. A financial adviser can help you develop your assets and protect your family, too.

Persistent low interest, volatile markets, investment trends that come and go, (geo)political uncertainties, changing rules of play for tax and inheritance... As an individual, it is difficult and time-consuming to navigate in a sea with so few light beacons. Moreover, it’s not only the world around you that is changing. You and your family are evolving with new projects, new dreams and new challenges...

Developing as well as protecting

Whether you are an entrepreneur in your fifties, or a ninety-something still getting the most out of life, a financial adviser can help you stay on course. They are there to safeguard your assets and to protect your loved ones. A financial adviser is more than just an investment adviser.

Dedication and time

Larger asset management, protection and development requires dedication and time. At ING you can rely on having a financial adviser for professional advice adapted to your needs:

  • management of your wealth and your investments
  • advice to protect your family in the best possible way (for example, in the context of wills and inheritance)
  • the best solution for your retirement
  • the financing of your projects

What makes a good financial advisor?

1. 360° vision

Bumped into a financial adviser at a barbecue who offered you investment advice? Then you probably came across a hobbyist. To give bespoke advice, a financial adviser must fully understand your family situation, your assets, your income and spending pattern, your future plans, your goals and your level of risk aversion, among other things. Only then can they offer their best advice. A good financial adviser has a healthy level of curiosity, which is paired with expertise that is more extensive than just investment advice.

2. Access to international expertise

Our horizons have expanded significantly in this fresh decade. Studying abroad, employment and/or running your own business, international marriages, borders falling away; all these things, and more, mean that assets are also becoming more international. That is why it is good to have a bank that can draw on international expertise in the area of asset management. There is also an added value in having a bank that is represented in all important financial centres, and that has a global financial investing strategy. After all, as an individual investor, it is virtually impossible to be completely comfortable in all markets.

3. Broad palette of solutions

A bank that is expert in insurance, investing, property, private as well as corporate banking can be of service to you across all these areas. But that alone is not enough. As a client, you also want solutions that are suited to your unique profile. Many major banks offer, for example, only their own investment solutions. Although some of these ‘house products’ can achieve excellence in their category, it does not necessarily apply to the entire product range. That is why ING also offers carefully screened solutions from a select number of other, solid and worldwide financial institutions. This gives every ING client access to solutions that are best suited to their risk profile. This open, guided architectureoffers the best guarantee of independent advice, choice and risk management, without the danger of going off-course in a sea of thousands of solutions. ING is also the only major Belgian bank that works with an open, guided investment range of investments.

4. Accessibility and availability

Like a number of financial institutions, we also provide advice online or by telephone. Our advisors are ready to invest all their energy and expertise in the management of your assets. If you have built up your wealth through a great deal of sacrifice, effort and judicious choices, you necessarily want it to be managed by a diligent, reliable and committed advisor.

Why choose financial advice from ING?

  • Focus on your unique situation and goals. How do I protect my family if something happens to me? How can I best prepare for my retirement? How do I finance an important expenditure
  • International expertise in private and corporate banking, investing, insurance, asset advice and estate planning: ING is represented in more than 40 countries. You will have just one, dedicated financial adviser.
  • A discerning range of solutions will be proposed, based on your profile.
  • Locally based with experts who speak your language.