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19 December 2018

Fund selection: ING's approach

Overwhelmed by the vast market offer?
ING makes it easier by selecting the best funds for you from those on offer from its 5 partners.

A partnership with 5 world-renowned investment firms

Instead of proposing "in-house" funds, ING has chosen to select funds from 5 independent fund managers, specially selected for their expertise, recognition and international reach.

  • AXA Investment managers
  • Blackrock
  • Amundi
  • Franklin Templeton Investments
  • NN investments partners

ING therefore gives you access to a focused selection of funds rather than every single one on the market.

Sixty funds to choose from

ING's offer is intended to be of a high quality. Only the funds ING deems to be the best from its 5 partners are featured in each asset category from European shares to US bonds, healthcare sector shares, etc.

This selection is continually reviewed according to a rigorous methodology and objective criteria. This approach allows our analysts to closely follow the funds' performance and adapt our selection accordingly.

A basic range of about 20 funds

Approximately 20 funds from the selection make up this basic range. These funds follow ING's investment strategy. It is a targeted but diversified selection and therefore develops in line with market developments and ING's assessment of the situation.


Fund selection: ING's approach

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