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29 July 2019

How to choose the best investment fund

To find the most suitable investment funds for you, you need to know about the top performing funds. That's why ING offers 60 funds from our fund providers. And expert advice. So you get a diversified portfolio that’s tailored to your needs.

Of the four major banks in Belgium, only ING offers open guided architecture. This means that you can subscribe to funds developed by any of the following, independent fund houses:

  • AXA Investment managers
  • Blackrock
  • Amundi
  • Franklin Templeton Investments
  • NN investments partners

These fund houses were not randomly selected. They are financial institutions with a solid track record in terms of quality, performance, expertise and global investment. 

Which funds are available to me?

ING's Belgian fund team has carefully selected around 60 funds from the wide range offered by these five houses. Our fund team adjusts this selection if an investment fund no longer meets requirements, or if a better alternative arises. 

Some important criteria in our selection of funds are:

  • The Morningstar rating: Morningstar is an independent provider of investment analysis. The Morningstar rating is a quantitative evaluation of past performance, taking into account the risk and costs involved. The investment funds are ranked by category, compared to similar investment funds and awarded one to five stars. ING only offers funds with a minimum rating of three stars.
  • Volatility: ING opts for funds that aim for low volatility (the extent to which prices go up and down) and funds that seek to minimise downside risks.
  • Solid reputation: We don’t select recently-launched funds. ING prefers to opt for funds that have earned their spurs.
  • Sustainability: ING does not offer sustainable funds that invest, for example, in the tobacco or defense sectors.
  • The local context for the Belgian investor: We take into account aspects like the impact of Belgian tax rules and legislation.
  • Expected return: We know that the selection of top performing funds is one of your priorities.

Why has ING selected 60 funds? Because this selection simplifies your choices when you compare funds. And it allows your Personal Banker to give you more targeted advice. Look at our range of funds as a delicatessen. Where you can compare funds that appeal to your taste, combined with personal, tailored advice. As opposed to a supermarket, in which you have to make your own selection from a broad range of products, many of which may not suit you. 

A range of funds from which you can build a balanced, diversified portfolio

Our selection of 60 funds offers you enough choice to create a diversified portfolio, whatever your investor profile or financial objectives. In addition to equity and bond funds, ING also offers mixed funds, thematic funds, sustainable funds and so on. If you are investing in funds in order to generate a regular income, you’ll find that the majority of these funds have a distribution variant. This enables regular dividend payouts.

Finally, there’s the simple option of investing in line with ING's strategy and economic vision. Each month ING makes a selection of some 15 investment funds. These are chosen from our total range of the 60 best investment funds. This monthly shortlist consists of funds which ING sees as having the greatest potential - and which are also in line with ING Group investment strategy


Fund selection: ING's approach

Which investment funds to choose?