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25 July 2019

How a Personal Banker can help you achieve your life goals

Protect your family, discover the best investment opportunities, optimise your pension, finance your projects... Your Personal Banker is there for the key moments in your life.

New investment trends, a changing economic climate, new tax rules... If your wealth is considerable you’re probably trying to keep up with a lot of changes. You need to identify the best investment opportunities. Family matters can also have a direct impact on your assets: children get married, you may inherit funds or want to pass on your business, and so on. And your available time may already be filled with work, family life and hobbies!

Which is why many ING customers choose Personal Banking. A Personal Banker is an advisor who guides you in all aspects of managing your wealth and provides the financial services you need. Personal Banking services are broad:

  • Protect your family and your assets: from insurances to information on inheritance planning and taxation.
  • Prepare for your retirement and get guidance during your retirement: so that you (at least) maintain the same standard of living.
  • Get savings and investment advice: identify the best investment funds, protect your assets to enjoy growth and generate regular, additional income.
  • Profit from tailormade financing solutions: for example, if you are considering the purchase of a second home.

Meet Personal Banking customer Jan

Jan works as a consultant and has been a client of ING Personal Banking for several years. ‘I enjoy starting up fun projects, both on and off the job’, he says. ‘But my family and my health is what it’s really all about for me.

‘Charlotte is my Personal Banker and my point of contact at ING. She listens to my needs and gives advice that’s tailored to my family and myself’, continues Jan. ‘I'm getting older, and I'm also thinking about life after my job. Charlotte is guiding me through that. For specific matters - such as inheritance planning - she calls on the expertise of specialists at ING.

‘What I like about ING is its accessibility. They are always available, whether for a quick question via e-mail or telephone, or a meeting at the office’, continues Jan. He can also track his savings and investments around the clock on his smartphone, tablet or computer.

Charlotte also proactively keeps Jan informed on topics that might be of interest to him. And he regularly receives invitations to attend conferences, visit companies and participate in a range of other events. All of them great opportunities to broaden his knowledge and his network.

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