Managing your capital

30 July 2018

How about you? Do you know your Personal Banker?

As a young retiree, Diane can now make the most of her free time and devote herself to her passions: travelling and looking after her grandchildren. To help her with these projects, she places her confidence in Damien, her Personal Banker.

What is the role of a Personal Banker?

A Personal Banker is the contact for customers with assets of more than 100,000 euros and specializes in asset management and investments. He or she advises each customer according to their circumstances, on matters such as pension, family protection, financial management, or the financing of their projects.

“When I need him, Damien is there for me. Communication is excellent.” Diane tells us. She can contact him by e-mail, telephone or meet him face to face. Damien also keeps Diane up to date with subjects that may interest her, and invites her to conferences, company visits or other topical events. He simplifies Diane’s asset management thanks to personalized advice.

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