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Sustainable and responsible investing: how you can make a difference

When you invest sustainably and responsably, you are investing in companies that are making a positive difference for society, the environment or corporate governance. Let’s explore…

The money that you invest in sustainable and responsible funds is invested in carefully selected companies that are conscientious in their dealings with society, the environment and corporate governance. If you opt for sustainable investing with ING, you are investing in the following:

Society, environment and corporate governance

It doesn't stop there. The companies that are taken into ING's selection of sustainable and responsible funds also have sustainable practices in other areas. Alongside their corporate citizenship undertakings they also have strict rules regarding corporate governance. And in addition, they also do their absolute best to reduce their ecological footprint.

Know what you are investing in

The sustainable and responsible funds that ING offer strive to invest in companies and organisations pursuing sustainable development:

  • With respect for the environment (for example: water management, management of greenhouse gas emission, a green purchasing policy);
  • With respect for society (for example: good working conditions, a focus on customer satisfaction);
  • And with proper corporate governance within the company itself (for example: measures countering corruption, tax evasion and bribery, a responsible remuneration policy).

Certain funds exclude companies who make more than 5% of their income from weapons, gambling, adult entertainment, fur and special leather goods, tobacco and nuclear energy.  

ING establishes a Financial Literacy Fund

Every day, thousands of people make financial transactions, such as withdrawing money from an account, taking out a loan or insurance policy, or making an electronic payment. In order to understand what these dealings involve it’s important to have a basic understanding of the various financial services and products.

Not all Belgians have this basic understanding. Financial illiteracy is, in a complex country like Belgium, often a ‘hidden’ phenomenon. In contemporary life, in which digitalisation has become the norm, there is a danger of some people being left behind. According to research from the OECD, Belgians come somewhere in the middle rankings in terms of financial literacy. Better financial knowledge is therefore in no way a luxury. 

That's why, together with five other funding partners, ING Belgium began the Financial Literacy Fund, under the aegis of the King Baudouin Foundation (KBF). Our goal? To work together to improve Belgians’ financial knowledge. And in that way to make a social impact and to contribute towards a better world.

The first years will see the Financial Literacy Fund's focus placed on pension knowledge. According to research by the FSMA (Financial Services and Markets Authority) 1 in 4 Belgians are not well prepared for their retirement. We would like to do something about that, together.

Want to invest sustainably and responsibly, too?