Building up capital

6 july 2017

What's new in the financial markets?

Thierry Masset, Chief Investment Officer reviews the economic and financial news. Every month, he analyses events that have impacted the financial markets. The context of any potential stock market fluctuations is equally scrutinized. You can find this market analysis and ING's investment strategy by consulting our "Monthly Market Review".

So what are the key points this month?
  • For now, both bonds and equities are trading off the same dynamic: a lack of inflation *combined with excess capital to be put to work.
  • But, at the same time, we also aren’t at risk of deflation. Therefore it is a Goldilocks for *equities.
  • As political uncertainties fade, the Euro-Area is likely to continue to outperform, as *long as earnings growth remains robust.

Read the full "Monthly Market Review".

Want to know more?

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