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6 April 2020

Deferment of mortgage repayments

Are you facing financial difficulties as a result of the coronavirus crisis? You can request a deferment of your mortgage repayments by following the instructions below.

Charter: deferment of mortgage repayments

The coronavirus has major consequences for our country’s economy. Which in turn places pressure on the financial situation of a large number of people. Many of them risk losing their job or face a period of reduced or even no income. At the same time, mortgage repayments can often take a serious bite out of the family budget. 

The banks, the National Bank of Belgium and the Minister for Finance Alexander De Croo have therefore announced financial support for people facing financial difficulties as a result of the coronavirus crisis. In particular, they can request the deferment of mortgage repayments for up to 6 months. 

This charter sets out the terms of this arrangement. 

The charter summarises:

  1. what deferment of payments actually involves
  2. who is eligible to apply for deferment of payments
  3. which forms the deferment can take 
  4. when applications for deferment can be made and for how long payments can be deferred. 

Do not hesitate to take the necessary time to complete your request and contact us to discuss your personal situation together. 

Deferment of mortgage repayments: 4 main principles
In practice:

Do you satisfy the criteria for a deferment of your loan repayments? Submit your request by completing this form at least 1 week before the due date of your next repayment. 

What information do you need to submit an application?

  • The reference number of your mortgage loan
  • Your ING id
  • Documents to support your application. This could be, for example, proof of unemployment or a sworn statement indicating that you have suffered a loss of income.

Important: You can no longer submit an application for payment deferral via

What about my ING Outstanding Balance Insurance and/or ING Home Insurance?

You can now also apply for a payment deferral of your ING Outstanding Balance Insurance and/or ING Home Insurance premiums.

You can add this to your mortgage loan application. By combining these applications on the online form, we can process your file faster.

To qualify for the deferral of insurance premium payments, the mortgage loan application must have been approved. Afterwards we provide all information to NN.


  • ING Outstanding Balance Insurance: you must repay the premiums of the deferred outstanding balance insurance within the same number of months that deferral was requested. Example: if you requested a postponement of 4 months until October, you will receive a repayment plan spreading the premiums over November, December, January and February.
  • ING Home Insurance: You must repay the premiums of the deferred home insurance no later than the day after the end of the deferral period.

Is your mortgage loan with ING, but not your insurance? In this case you must contact your insurer directly.

Is your insurance with ING, but not your mortgage loan? Send an email with "Corona" in the subject to the pertinent insurance service at NN, with proof that your financial institution has granted you payment deferral.

You don't have a mortgage loan? Unfortunately, you are not eligible to apply for a deferral of payment for your outstanding balance - and home insurance.

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