2 July 2020

Financial News

Watch as our economists analyse the current state of the economy and markets.

Coronavirus: the economic and financial fallout

The coronavirus has a significant impact on the global economy, the Belgian economy as well as on financial markets. Discover the economic and financial consequences in these three videos.

1. Analysis of the macroeconomic situation

The world economy has started growing again. But we’re not quite there yet. Our economists cite 3 reasons why it could take until 2023 before GDP bounces back to pre-coronavirus levels. Find out what those reasons are and what form the recovery will take. Peter Vanden Houte analyses the situation on video.

Watch the analysis of Peter Vanden Houte.

2. Focus on the Belgian economy and its sectors

Like most economies, Belgium is experiencing an unprecedented health and economic shock. Despite the accurate assessment of the losses incurred during the lockdown period, the recovery trajectory is still very uncertain.

A fall in activity of almost 8% is announced this year. How do we arrive at this extreme figure and how to assess the recovery in the coming months and years?

Discover the analysis of Philippe Ledent

3. Impact of the coronavirus crisis on the financial markets

The appetite among investors for risk assets has grown since mid-March. Driven by hopes that the worst of the recession is behind us. But is that really the case? Ruben Smets takes up the point on video.

Watch the analysis of Ruben Smets.

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