29 July 2019

Financial News

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Last words before acting?

At the meeting of the Governing Council, the ECB stepped up its rhetoric regarding future monetary policy actions. Central Banks usually try to pre-announce new measures to avoid taking the markets by surprise when the time has come to introduce them. As the ECB is not happy at all with current economic developments, it is likely to put in place more monetary stimulus in September, even though a few members of the Governing Council still have some reservations.

Watch the analysis of Peter Vanden Houte, Chief Economist ING Belgium.

What should you remember?
  1. The ECB stands ready to act (e.g. by cutting interest rates) if economic conditions would deteriorate further
  2. The ECB is itself becoming less optimistic as regards the growth and inflation outlook
  3. Hence, it seems very likely that the ECB will announce a package of measures to loosen monetary policy in September
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