13 June 2018

World Cup: the supporters are warming up!

Hosted by Russia, football's World Cup is due to kick off shortly. To what extent does this major event change household consumption? What value do supporters place on being the overall winner?

These are some of the questions addressed in this special issue of the ING Belgian Economic Newsletter, based on an international survey, not forgetting the big question: who is going to win?

Key points :

  • In Belgium, 46% of the respondents hope that the Red Devils will win it.
  • 10% of the Belgian respondents say that they are prepared to give up 1% of their annual salary in return for winning football's holy grail, which is an almost identical result to the one from four years ago.
  • 80% of Belgians said they would not change their spending pattern during the World Cup.

What are the results in other countries? Does the World Cup create more fervor among the supporters of other nations?

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