25 May 2018

Did you have a phone call with our digital telephone assistant?

Have you received a phone call from ING? And was it a computer voice that spoke to you? Then you had our digital telephone assistant on the line. What is it used for?

More financial security, fewer surprises

At ING we are always on the lookout for ways to assist you even better. That is why we now use a digital telephone assistant who can conduct personalised phone conversations with the aid of artificial intelligence.

Using the digital assistant, we are helping the customers with financial difficulties to better monitor their late payments. Because this leads to more transparency, and because it becomes easier to keep track of personal finances, there are fewer surprises. In addition, we offer our customers the opportunity to avoid the undesirable consequences of defaulting on payments by promptly paying off their outstanding debts.

We might also contact you to verify your contact details. This allows ING to guarantee a quality service and we are legally obliged to keep these details up to date. 

A short and efficient conversation

When you have the digital telephone assistant on the line, he will start by introducing himself and will then greet you personally. During the conversation, he will propose various options to update your personal situation.

After the call, you will receive a text message confirming your decision. This is non-binding, but is purely to serve as a reminder that helps you better monitor your debts or verify your contact details.

Safety first

The digital telephone assistant meets all safety requirements. For example, you will only receive calls between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m., from one of the following numbers +32 2 585 31 28 , +32 2 588 56 53, +32 2 588 92 52 and +32 2 588 93 09. The confirmation text message will be sent from the number +32 460 20 19 83.

You will never be asked to provide information that your bank already has, so never share your PIN, your profile code, password or account number.

Remain vigilant

If, during the phone call, you get the feeling that there is something strange going on or you are unsure whether you have ING’s real digital telephone assistant on the line, please send an e-mail immediately to

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