1 September 2019

Do you need a new card?

Is your card deficient or unreadable? Do you need an additional card as quickly as possible?

Win some time: order it online

It can quickly become annoying when your card is no longer working. You need a quick and efficient solution.

Thanks to the Self-service corner, you can order a card any time: without even having to move.

  • It's fast: do it online from the app or Home'Bank (or Business'Bank).

  • It's convenient: you apply without delay and without having to go anywhere.

How to replace a deficient or unreadable card?

Don't have the app yet?

Is your card stolen or lost?

Contact Card Stop as soon as possible (+32 70 344 344) to block your cards. You will automatically receive a new card at your home.

How to order an additional debit card?

Do you have a joint account and want an additional debit card? Using your account will become easier.

How to apply for a credit card?

You do not have a credit card and would like to apply for one?

You don't have the app and cannot access your Home'Bank?

You can always replace or order a debit card by calling +32 2 464 60 04  (Monday to Friday from 8am to 10pm / Saturday from 9am to 5pm).