16 November 2018

ING and UNICEF, a unique and lasting partnership

The partnership between ING and UNICEF has a distinctive focus: making a positive and lasting contribution to the lives of millions of children and young people around the world.

Back to basics

A decent education and safe sanitary living conditions. Are these not the fundamental rights of all children? Yet far too often, these basic rights are denied to too many children. Which is why ING, together with UNICEF and its other partners have gone ‘back to basics’. By organizing campaigns that raise money and create awareness, both within and beyond ING.

The result? Between 2014 and 2017, 59 million children were given access to effective school materials, thus ensuring they stayed in the classroom and worked towards their future.

Building for the future

‘Children are the future’. Worldwide there are some 1.9 billion teenagers. 90% of them live in developing countries and find it difficult to become independent, both socially and financially.

At the beginning of 2015, together with UNICEF, ING set up a new campaign plan especially for them: Power for Youth. The aim of the project is to enable young people to build their own sustainable future by:

  • Using the innovative power of young people to tackle local issues.
  • Helping young people acquire the skills they need to develop their potential: not just reading, writing and arithmetic but also critical thinking, cooperation and leadership.
  • Giving young people a say in defining policy at both local and national levels.

In so doing, we hope to empower today’s youth to become the driving force of social and economic development in their own communities.

What next?