Online security

9 September 2019

Interview: Why ING Belgium anti-fraud experts recommend Itsme

Danny Moerenhout

Danny Moerenhout

ING Anti-Fraud Expert

Can you tell us what Itsme is, in a few words?

"Itsme is a secure digital identity on your smartphone which helps you log on and sign online. The fact that this digital identity is impossible to copy makes your actions on the Internet with Itsme much more secure. Also, more and more people are using it to fill in their tax declarations, log on to their PC Banking or sign their online transactions."

“ If you use Itsme, never agree to identify yourself or sign with something else online, it will definitely be a fraudster asking you to do this.”

But if I lose my smartphone, can someone pretend to be me?

"Definitely not. The person would firstly need to know the Istme code you've created yourself. Secondly, a lot of people have a code to get into their smartphone, which blocks access to the application. And Itsme also means you can block your profile on their website 24/7. In this case, your profile will be blocked for all services on which it is active. You can't get any more secure than that."

Why do you recommend Itsme as anti-fraud protection?

"For two reasons:

-         The first reason is that fraudsters don't like Itsme. So if someone calls you, claiming to be from your bank and telling you that you can't use Itsme but only the system using the card reader, hang up - this person is a fraudster.

-         The second reason is that the Itsme application tells you what you're in the process of doing. In other words, if you log on to Home'Bank, for example, the Itsme application notifies you, and asks you to approve your login in Home’Bank. It's really useful because if a fraudster were to try and get you to complete a fraudulent transaction, you would know because Itsme notifies you that you are approving a transaction or something else you're being asked to do. So you can detect the fraud and stop everything."

One last question: do you use Itsme?

(Laughter) "I don't use anything else. Personally, I find it a lot easier to use than my card reader. And I don't have to go around with my card reader all the time, particularly when I go on holiday."