Online security

Itsme®, a weapon against fraud

Itsme® means you can identify fraud before it happens.

Itsme® means you know exactly what you're confirming

Unlike a card reader, Itsme® is connected to the Internet and will therefore show on the app screen the type of action you are about to confirm. Whether logging on to Home'Bank, changing the settings on your ING Banking app or confirming a payment, you'll always know exactly what you're confirming, before you actually confirm. 

itsme as fraud protection

Itsme® means you can identify potential fraud

With Itsme®, a scammer is unable to make you think you're simply going through the identification process, because the Itsme application® asks you to confirm a transaction. 

If you only use Itsme® for your on-line banking, there are two scenarios that will help you identify fraud: 

  1. Itsme® is not present on a website you go to by clicking on a link in a text message or an e-mail: this is a fraudulent website. 
  2. The action you have to confirm in the Itsme application® doesn't look right: this is fraud. 

In both scenarios, stop immediately. If you haven't confirmed the transaction, the scammers are unable to steal your money. Notify ING immediately by calling 02 464 60 02 or by sending an e-mail to 

Using Itsme® is as secure as using your bank card with your card reader

Some people prefer not to use Itsme® for their on-line banking transactions, thinking that Itsme® is too easy to use and therefore less secure than the bank card-card reader combination. 

On the one hand, they're right because Itsme® is actually much easier to use. 

But on the other, they're wrong because Itsme® and the bank card-card reader combination offers the same level of security 

Itsme® belongs to Belgium Mobile ID, an organisation created by Belgian banks, phone operators and the government. Together, they have created Itsme®, a mobile application which means you can prove your identity and approve transactions safely, easily and with peace of mind. 

Why does Danny, an anti-fraud expert at ING, recommend Itsme ® as protection against fraud?

"I can see two reasons: 

One: combining three elements - the phone, the secure app and the Itsme code® - makes life so complicated for scammers that in order to try and steal your data, they have to call you to ask you to use another method of identification, such as a card reader - which no bank ever does! And if it did ever happen, just refuse and hang up immediately. 

Two: the content of the Itsme app® in itself. When the Itsme app® asks you to confirm an action, it always specifies the reason for this action. It's impossible for a scammer to make you believe this is a simple identification process, because you can clearly see on the screen that this process relates to a payment. 

And you should also remember that Itsme® never sends any links in its text messages. So if you get a message containing a link, this is always an attempt at phishing."