Online security

Official ING telephone numbers

You were contacted by ING and want to verify that the call or text message you received was indeed from us. Here is a list of the most important telephone numbers to help you recognise official ING telephone numbers at a single glance.

The most important telephone numbers

  • For remote advice about your mortgage loan and investments: +32 2 739 21 00 , +32 2 739 22 00
  • For information about your loan: +32 2 344 37 01, +32 2 808 49 44
  • For updating your contact details: a text message from +32 460 20 06 55
  • Following the installation of the ING banking app: a text message from +32 460 20 74 12

No text messages with clickable links

We have adapted our guidelines to combat fraud through text messages. ING does not send text messages with clickable links. If you do receive a message with a clickable link, IT DID NOT COME FROM ING, so make sure you do not click the link.

Are you in doubt? Contact us

This list of telephone numbers is not complete. If you are uncertain about anything, please contact ING

  • You can contact us directly from your INK banking app (vis "Services" at the bottom right!)
  • Alternatively, you can call us on +32 2 464 60 04