Online security

22 April 2020

WhatsApp fraud: don’t transfer money to fake friends

You have just received a Whatsapp message from an unknown number, but you recognise the photo (friend, colleague, family).

Their phone number is different because their phone is broken. But they know things that only that person could know. So when they ask for help and money (they will pay you back obviously), you don’t have any doubts and agree to help.

How can fraudsters have information about my family or friends?

There are many ways for fraudsters to get information on the internet:

Our advice to protect your private information

How to protect myself?

  • Always be careful when someone asks for money by text message. 
  • Call the person using the phone number that you normally use without saying so on WhatsApp. If it is an attempted fraud, you will get the real person on the phone.
  • This could also happen on other text messaging applications like Facebook Messenger. 

What should I do if I am victim of WhatsApp fraud?

Contact your bank immediately using the phone number on the back of your bank card.