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Safe account scam

Your phone rings and a person pretending to work for the bank leads you to believe scammers have access to your bank accounts.

They advise you to transfer your money temporarily to a safe account for protection. When you check your accounts, you realise that suspicious transactions have actually been carried out. How is this possible?

They have access to your accounts because you have clicked on a phishing message

It starts with a phishing message. A fraudulent message tells you have won a prize, that you are to be refunded an overpayment or even that you owe something for taxes. You click on a link and share your access codes to your online banking with the scammers. They can then carry out transactions on your accounts behind your back, such as transferring money from your savings accounts to your current account. After that they call you to ask you to transfer all your money to a so-called "safe account". Seeing transfers you did not make worries you, and you may be fooled.

There are ways of identifying the scam, keep reading to find out how.

Your bank is already "safe"

We have no accounts that are safer than others. All our accounts enjoy the same level of security.

So if anyone mentions safer accounts, it's a scam.

Your bank does not ask you to carry out transactions it can do itself

That seems obvious, but it is worth remembering that we will never call you to ask you to carry out a preventive transaction that we can do ourselves. In reality, when we detect a suspicious transaction on one of your accounts, we will carry out the preventive actions necessary before even calling you to check. Because we are your bank, we protect your accounts directly without you needing to be involved. So if anyone asks you to transfer your money, it is not us.

Another way to detect a scam.

Have you fallen victim to fraud?

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