Online security

Fraud on second hand sites

Scams on second hand sites are becoming more and more common. So, if you are planning to sell second hand items on these sites, be vigilant and follow our advice.

What are the signs that should alert you?

1-    The potential buyer contacts you on a platform other than the second hand site (for example WhatsApp).

2-    They suggest making the (alleged) payment via a well-known website, but not the second hand site (for example a fake DHL, Mondial, Relay, Collisimo, DPD site).

3-    They may offer more than you are asking for, in order to entice you. 

Imagine you are selling concert tickets on a second hand site and a potential buyer contacts you via WhatsApp to express his interest. During the conversation, he explains that he has already been the victim of fraud on a second hand site, so he asks if he can make payment via a platform or internet site other than the one on which you have advertised your concert tickets. Everything seems to be going well until you realise that your bank account has been emptied...

How can you sell on second hand sites without being had?

1-    Always read the security recommendations of the site in question carefully (at least the first time).

2-    Never agree to discuss anything with a potential buyer anywhere other than the second hand site.

3-    Never pay via payment methods you are not familiar with. A standard bank transfer is often far more safe.

4-    Anything that seems too good to be true should ring alarm bells (like someone being willing to pay more than you're asking for).

5-    Alert your bank immediately if you are the victim of fraud. 

If you have any doubts, stop the transaction. It is better to lose a buyer than to have your money stolen.

Don’t forget the basic security rules:

  • The codes generated by your bank card are just as secret as the PIN code for your bank card.

  • Your bank will never ask you to divulge these codes (including by telephone).

  • Always connect to Home’Bank or Business’Bank via our website and never by clicking on a link in an email, SMS, or WhatsApp message.