Online security


Fraud by SMS or electronic messaging.

How do fraudsters go about this?

The use of electronic messaging such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or SMS allow fraudsters to emphasise the urgency of the message. They use the fact that the alert is displayed automatically on your phone's screen. It is then very difficult to resist the temptation to click it.

Then the message will always try to scare you or incite a sense of urgency.

We are currently seeing a strong increase in fake text messages that appear to come from the bank, Itsme, Card Stop or FPS Finance with a link to your online bank. By clicking on the link, you end up on a phishing site and money threatens to disappear from your bank account.

Our tips to avoid the traps:

  • We have changed our communication rules to deal with this form of fraud. From now on, ING will no longer send text messages with clickable links. If you receive one in our name: IT DOES NOT COME FROM ING, do not click on the link.

  • Learn how to read a link in a message by watching our video at in order to avoid clicking on a fraudulent link.