Online security

3 January 2019

Banking applications: what does ING do for your security?

Very practical and easy to use, banking applications may sometimes seem a bit scary. Yet they guarantee a very high level of security and use the latest technologies to protect you from fraud.

Zoom in on some of the many actions taken by ING to guarantee the most secure mobile experience possible.

Unique profile and secret code

After you download and install ING Banking, ING’s mobile application, you will be asked to create a unique profile in line with security rules that are similar to those for Home'Bank, ING’s online bank. You will need to choose a secret code that you will have to enter each time to identify yourself and confirm your transactions. Some smartphones even allow you to identify yourself using your fingerprint, as well as with a secret code.

In concrete terms, how does ING protect you?

In addition, ING protects you with the following measures:

  • Automatic disconnection after 3 minutes' inactivity.
  • After 5 incorrect PIN attempts, your profile is deactivated and you need to create another profile.
  • Upper limits on transactions.
  • The latest encryption systems for all transactions/communications via the bank.
  • Transaction monitoring: in the event of any unusual or suspicious movements, we will block access until we receive confirmation from you that you did in fact authorise the transaction.
  • None of your personal or banking details is stored on your device.
What is account monitoring?

To protect you against malicious acts, we constantly monitor movements on your account. At the slightest sign of a suspicious and/or unusual movement (and the transaction does not seem "like you"), we will block it until you confirm that you did in fact make the request. If necessary, we will also block access to the app. This is why we advise you to always keep your contact details up to date via the app (self-service corner) or via Home’Bank, so we can warn you quickly if this kind of situation happens again.

Why does ING Banking need permission to access my files?

In order to guarantee the security of your transactions, our mobile application is coupled with an anti-virus.

This anti-virus needs to access your files in order to detect a possible infection.

We guarantee that ING does not consult any of your data.

Never give your password

If we call you, we will never ask you for your passwords, access codes, PINs, contact details or any other sensitive information.

If you receive a call from someone claiming to work for ING but have doubts about their authenticity, do not hesitate to hang up and call ING on +32 2 464 60 04 (this number can also be found on the back of your ING bank card). This is the only ING contact number for this kind of procedure.

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