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Become the number one anti-money mule ambassador and win a prize!

From Monday 12 December to Sunday 8 January we will launch a video contest around money mules. Make a video for TikTok and/or a Reel for Instagram explaining what a money mule is and the dangers money mules can face and win an electric scooter or the latest iPad.

What is a money mule?

A person who lends his bank account (and/or debit card and codes) to criminals to pass on illegally obtained money (from drugs, human trafficking, or fraud) in exchange for money is called a money mule. 

Criminals often try to recruit individuals in difficult financial situations, especially young people, as money mules. This often happens online via social media where young people are predominant. But young people are also approached at the school gate or while out at clubs or pubs, etc. 

What dangers could there be for a money mule?

When you lend your bank account to help criminals you are, even if unknowingly, always participating in their criminal activities. Your bank account will immediately be closed and you will no longer be able to open an account at the bank. You also risk prosecution, imprisonment, and fines. 

Good to know: all money mules are caught because the bank tracks them down, or the fraud victim files a complaint with their bank, which will immediately see which account the stolen money was transferred to, even if it is with another bank.

Enter the competition *

  • Make one or more videos and/or reels about money mules. Explain what a money mule is and what the risks are. Use some or all the information on the topic as described above. 
  • Publish these on TikTok and/or Instagram with the hashtag #fightingmules between 12 December 2022 and 8 January 2023.
  • Only public posts are eligible.
  • The winners of the competition will be chosen by an independent jury. The jury consists of anti-fraud experts, online fraud awareness specialists and social media experts. The jury will judge the videos posted with the hashtag #fightingmules on the following criteria: compliance with the above conditions, video creativity and the ability to convince the audience of the importance of the message.

Win one of our great prizes

First prize is an electric step with protection (knee and elbow protection set) worth €750; second prize is an iPad 10th generation, third and fourth prizes are a voucher worth €100 each.