Online security

29 May 2019

How does parcel fraud work?

Have you ever received an e-mail that says that there’s a parcel for you, and yet you don’t remember ordering anything?

Curiosity gets the better of you and you click anyway. That’s what fraudsters are hoping for. We’ll quickly walk you through the scheme.

This is how parcel fraud works

It all starts with an e-mail claiming you’ve missed a parcel delivery.

You are asked to click on the link to proceed.

On the fake website you are prompted to either choose an alternative delivery date, or solve an administrative issue such as unpaid customs.

In the worst case, you will be asked to provide banking details or make a payment to ensure delivery of the parcel.

Of course, the money will be gone and you won’t receive a parcel.

Or they’ve run off with your personal details that they can then re-sell.

A quick run-through of how parcel fraud works

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