Online security

PSD2: the new European Payment Services Directive now into force.

A lot has already been written and discussed about PSD2. But what does it mean for you? Take a look at what will become possible soon.

Easier payments, a better overview

PSD2 supports innovation and the development of new services that help you manage your money and your budget. Such services often require the use of payment data.

PSD2 therefore defines a framework for sharing your payment details with payment service providers easily, securely and always with your explicit consent.

As a result, paying for online purchases will soon be even easier and you will be able to access all your payment data, even from different banks, in one place and on one screen.

Current accounts from other banks in your trusted app

We are constantly working on new ways to make your life easier. Which is why you will soon be able to add accounts held with other banks to your ING banking app as well as share your ING current account payment details with other providers. And thanks to PSD2, you can be confident of the same level of security as you would expect from us.

Only with your consent

You decide which services you want to use and whether or not to share your payment details. The only way anything can change is if you give explicit and express permission. Otherwise it can't.

Things to keep in mind

Sharing details with other banks and providers of account aggregation and payment initiation services can be useful. Nevertheless, you should always ask yourself to whom you are entrusting your details and for what they are being used.

If you are planning to give another payment service provider access to your account details, read the terms and conditions carefully and find out how your data will be used.

You can often find this information in the company's privacy policy.

In addition, the new PSD2 regulations could lead to criminals sending phishing e-mails. So always stay alert. 


The most frequently asked questions about the PSD2