Online security

28 August 2018

Who ran off with my data?

Here’s a real-life example: you upload a new profile picture to find yourself being the face of a global ad campaign. And they wouldn’t even need to ask you for permission.

What are the ins and outs of the matter?

Often, when sharing information through social media, we tend to be oblivious of just how much data is involved, or how data propagates online. Consequences can be more universal than anticipated.

Social media platforms often have full control over your data, and that security and privacy parameters have a tendency to get changed. The most important settings to check are about your data being sent to advertisers or third parties. Data being propagated this way is usually how you end up with ads about items you searched for online.

What you need to

  • Review your privacy and security settings on all social media and correct where needed. On Facebook for instance, you can use the Privacy Checkup

  • or the cookies you agreed to, check what they do to your data and adapt if needed

  • å Give away the minimal subset of information required to use the service