Online security

Recover your lost data

It's a nightmare when this happens. Your computer and your smartphone have been lost, stolen or broken - and you haven't done any backups. You've lost everything. Holiday photos, family photos, work, contacts - everything's gone.

There are some solutions to recover some of these, although it can be a bit tedious.

Here are a few tips: 

Your social media

Nearly all major social media platforms offer recovery of the files you have posted online. So for example, you can recover all the pictures you have posted on Facebook. This functionality can be found in the application's settings. NB: the photos you receive won't be very good quality because they are compressed or may have been reduced in size when they were posted online. 

Your forgotten copies

We all have external storage devices (memory card, CD-ROM, external hard disk, USB stick, etc.) lying in boxes or at the bottom of a drawer. You'd be surprised at what you might find on these devices.

Don't forget your old devices, such as an old pc, your previous phone, or even a camera that's gathering dust. 

Friends and family

Remember to contact your friends and family. They'll definitely have some pictures and videos of your special moments. 

Your e-mails

If your e-mails are saved online, you'll be able to find a lot of lost information in these e-mails. Visit your e-mail messaging website. E-mails sent are full of personal data. (Read our tips on how to protect your data online). And you'll often be able to go quite far back in time.

Automatic backup systems online

Recent automatic backup services can be really useful if you've lost data. For example, Google Drive, iCloud, Adobe Creative Cloud and Microsoft 365 save your files online. (read our tips on how to use the cloud completely securely).

Online photo printing services sometimes keep the pictures you have printed on their website. It's worth taking a look.

And from now on, think about backing up your data.